Quality Policy

While striving for highest product quality all our department teams: company managers, engineers/constructors, production and quality control personnel, maintenance personnel, accounting and administration are focused towards process innovation to ensure highest quality. This approach has been successfully maximizing production while maintaining a focus on quality improvement in the future.

Our primary concern is to improve the services and solutions we offer our customers. Our ability to fully understand our customers’ requirements motivates us to provide ever more efficient quality services. Our experience represent our main advantages to offer all the guarantees of quality, reliability and performance.  Each department is consulted on improving projects development and contribution to the company. For us it is vital to achieve success and anticipate our future.

The software from Lennerts & Partner ensures higher productivity in production proces.


Certifications, as well as their upgrades, are the result of the continuous effort towards improving the quality of the products and services to ensure that customers’ needs are perfectly met.

In order to maintain certification or  exceed standards, JSC Kaunas Metal undergoes annual audits.

JSC Kaunas Metal is certified according to these standarts:

Standard Country
EN 10080:2005+SS212540:2011 Sweden
EN 10080:2005+DS/INF 165:2009 Denmark
NS 3576-2:2005, NS 3576-3:2009 Norway
TR 392:2010 SFS 1267:2008 Finland
EN 10080:2005 Lithuania
EN-ISO 17660 part 1 and 2:2006 Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Lithuania