Reinforcement Roll Mesh

Roll Mesh is produced with the SpinMaster Classic machine which is a high-capacity machinery for producing non-welded reinforcement roll mesh. Roll mesh gives a substantial savings – compared to a normal loose rebars or welded reinforcement mesh.

Non welded roll mesh can be used with no restrictions in high tension construction projects like bridges, tunnels and other residential and industrial buildings.

Why roll mesh?

Roll Mesh reduces the installation time by 80% because of simplified material handling. By using Roll Mesh substantial savings up to 25% can be made compared to lose rebars or welded steel mesh.

Roll mesh technical specification:

Wire diameter 2-3 mm.
Bar diameter From D10 up to D32
Distance between bars From 75 up to 450 mm.
Max. tonnage per roll Up to 5 tons

Technical requirements:

Production is certified:

  • Inspekta: LST EN 10080:2006.
  • GlobeCert AB l: NS3576-2:2012; NS 3576-3:2012; SS EN 10080:2005 + SS212540:2014; DS-EN 10080:2005, DS-EN 1992-1-1 annex C Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Latvia markets.
  • Kiwa Inspecta: TR 392:2018, SFS 1267:2008; Finland market.

This ensures that the production and the product itself meets the highest standards of production, traceability and logistics.

Plans and product drawings are prepared using modeling and design programs such as AutoCAD, Autodesk Revit, Tekla 3D and all this is done by engineers.