Reinforcement Meshes

Reinforcement meshes are used to reinforce concrete slabs, concrete floors, and walls. We supply various standard diameter (Ø6; 8Ø; 10Ø; 12; Ø16 mm) reinforcement meshes with standard 10mm, 15 mm or 20 mm in spacing at cross-sectional areas. We also produce non-standard meshes of different sizes, dimension, provided with a design from the customer.

Our reinforcement meshes are certified internationally:

Technical Category Standard
B500K SFS1200, SFS 1201, SFS 1251, SFS 1257
NK500AB-W, NK500B SS EN 10080, SS EN 212540 (Sweden)
B500NA, B500NB NS 3576:4 (Norway)
B550B EN10080, DS-INF165