Logistic Solutions

We have the expertise to provide advice and assistance for the reinforcement of concrete considering products, services through efficient planning and adequate logistic solutions.All products are clearly tagged to identify what products are being delivered and where they will be placed. All reinforcing bars are bundled in a minimized way.

We deliver varying length and size of reinforcement rods, nets and frames to customer’s workplace. We ensure time schedules, clear product marking for you easily identify steel we deliver to you. The company employs persons responsible for logistics, who are organizing a smooth logistics organization and management. We carry a variety of non-standard sizes products in cargos through international and domestic routes. Transportation of such loads products rewuire special vehicles, transportation permission, even frequent escort. Employees of our company will advise you and work out the most beneficial and economical solution taking into account all your individual needs.

We deliver products by

  • Ferry;
  • Land transport;
  • Railway;
  • Non-standard size cargo.