About Us

We are

KM STEEL SERVICE / KAUNAS METAL, JSC – a modern reinforcing steel service company, which manufactures and trades reinforcing steel products in Scandinavian and Baltic markets. Company is equited with modern equipment from Pedax and EVG. We can meet Your highest expectations.

We provide

Outstanding sourcing, diverse and value added product line, more flexibility in scheduling and pricing.  We can offer you with one-stop service  – distribution, fabrication and installation of reinforcing steel products. You will get everything you expect from the low cost –  high value reinforcing steel supplier.

We seek

top quality reinforcing steel and exceptional customer service. Our team is constantly improving operational decisions, to ensure not only a successful company‘s wealth in the future, but also the excellent reputation of each client.

Our values

Kaunas Metal, JSC values ​ inspire to achieve higher goals and build a successful company.


Our specialized team is dedicated to the high quality of our services and excellence in our work. We are proud of the professional relationship we developed with all our clients.


We are reliable because we know the market, honest, truthful and we will meet all our promises to our clients. We provide top quality products with an effort to grow as a company in today‘s industry. Our clients success becomes our success.


We are a solid team working towards a common vision and sharing the same goals for success. It is on this premise that jsc kaunas metal was created and has developed. Team spirit is a value in our corporate culture and management practices and the driving force of our innovations. It gives meaning to the relationships we build with our customers, moving forward and working together to ensure the success of your projects.

Social responsibility

Our social responsibility initiatives:

  • caring for employees, customers, community;
  • constructive relations with partners;
  • ecological responsibility.

Social responsibility is seen as a decision-making and implementation process that guides all of our activities. These include the protection and promotion of human rights, socio-economic contributions, health and safety, environmental performance and compliance with legal requirements. We always seek to provide consistency and support to our employees. We are committed to protect the environment and future generations. We must be responsible and responsive to the countries, communities and environments in which we work.